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Top Reqs - 7 Days
1. Don't You Ever Go Away
    by Lionel Richie (3)
2. The Apologist
    by R.e.m. (3)
3. What It Wasn't
    by Alecia Aichelle (3)
4. Blame It
    by Jamie Foxx Ft. T-Pain (3)
5. Better When You're Not Alone
    by The Black Crowes (2)
6. Champagne Showers
    by LMFAO (2)
7. Nobody Weird Like Me (Live Version)
    by Red Hot Chili Peppers (2)
8. Dixieland
    by 50's Connection (2)
9. Spit It Out (1998 Demo)
    by Slipknot (2)
10. Holding On
    by Blue Rodeo (2)
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Music and Venue Reviews by Britt North

Detour Music Hall

88 St. Paul Street
St. Catharines, Ontario

  A welcome addition to St. Catharines' party scene, Detour Music Hall very recently blossomed downtown on 88 St. Paul Street. The inside of the venue consists of staggered levels for the headlining stage and another for the bar, creating separate areas for party-goers to sit with their drink or get close to the band. With a broad standing area, accommodating staff, and all-ages nights, Detour is ideal for all venues and patrons from pop to hardcore. Information about Detour can be found on Facebook where you can like their page, or Twitter, where they can be added under @Detourmusichall.

Kopecky Family Band

  Hailing from Music City, Tennessee, the Kopecky Family Band's first album has been written by loving and ambidextrous hands. Narrated by a duo of lead singers and backed by a quartet of talent, KFB has their own home-spun orchestra of strings, brass, and percussion - many of which seem to be interchangeable instruments for every member of this hyper-ambitious team.

'Kids Raising Kids' is an indie anthem, a friendly nod to pop, and a firm handshake with the moody blues; KFB has previously stated they've drawn their inspiration from Fleetwood Mac - clarified by their ebullient live performance of 'Tusk' - but with a second or third listen, one might even be able to draw associations with Depeche Mode, Sonic Youth, and the Stones.

Starting out strong right out of the gates, 'Kids Raising Kids' is a solid album that slides between bubbly mainstream sounds and alternative - but still accessible - experimental, complex, and dark pieces. As their debut CD, Kopecky Family Band is proving themselves to be capable of even greater things in the future.

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