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Top Reqs - 7 Days
1. Stir It Up
    by Bob Marley (2)
2. The Things We Do For Love
    by 10cc (1)
3. I Want You
    by Bon Jovi (1)
4. Love Is Blue
    by P.mauriat (1)
5. City of New Orleans (Sonny Boy Williamson)
    by B. B. King (1)
6. I'll Go Somewhere And Sing
    by Johnny Cash (1)
7. Mademoiselle Juliette (Alber Kam Extended)
    by Alizee (1)
8. Hunt For Red October
    by Russian Red Army Choir (1)
9. Sexual Healing
    by Marvin Gaye (1)
10. Wander I Go [track, 1996]
    by Patti Smith (1)
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Mission Statement

It is the mission of Trans Radio Canada to participate in and reflect the diversity of the LGBTQ community by presenting a program which addresses the LGBTQ community's education, information, cultural, and entertainment needs. Within the limits of the station's format, Trans Radio Canada will do our best to:

  • Serve as a community development station providing a reliable electronic communications facility for the listeners of Trans Radio Canada,
  • Inform our listeners of the significant issues facing the LGBTQ society, thus contributing to the development of a community capable of dealing intelligently with those issues and providing a forum for our listeners to express those opinions,
  • Entertain and enrich the lives of our listeners by presenting the significant and diverse fields of music, the arts, and ideas in an appealing, professional way that will tend to encourage new insights to life, people, and relationships in a changing world and also,
  • Reflect credit upon ourselves, Trans Radio Canada, and our listeners by holding to high standards, by serving the whole and diverse community, and by achieving local, regional, and national attention due to program excellence and outstanding performance.

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